About Karolina Pelc

Better known as 'Kar' to her friends, you can find her constantly on the move photographing many different events. 

Growing up traveling Canada with her father as she raced motorcycles at a national level, Karolina has a personal understanding of the adrenaline rush that athletes seek.

She is currently a fourth year student in the Honours Bachelor of Photography program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.

 Her inspiration stems from the thrill of motorsports, and her passion is capturing electric moments in competition, as well as collaborating with athletes on creative shoots where she can highlight the epic nature of their sport in a fun and unique way. 

When she's not shooting (or taking a nap), Karolina can be found working on and riding motorcycles, snowboarding, or ripping around on the lake on a seadoo. 

"If it has wheels, an engine, or requires a helmet to participate, I'm in!"

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